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Purfresh active ozone atmosphere featured at FreshPlaza

“We generate Active Atmosphere with ozone inside reefer containers”


In today’s world, produce varieties are shipped from one part of the globe to another and in some cases, spend weeks in reefer containers. To ensure produce reaches the end destination in the best possible condition, Purfresh has developed Active Atmosphere. “In 2008, we introduced Active Atmosphere with Ozone to the market,” says Christian DeBlasio, co-owner of Purfresh. “Ozone attacks and reduces mold growth and enhances food safety.” It looks for small molecules to interact with and destroys them, including, ethylene, mold, fungus, e-coli, salmonella and listeria. Produce varieties that benefit from ozone include pineapples, table grapes, citrus, onions, melons, and potatoes as they are susceptible to mold growth and decay.

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