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David Evans

General Manager

David Joined the Purfresh team in November 2019 as General Manager. He grew up on a citrus and commercial beef farm in South Africa before starting his global journey by being awarded a Rotary International Exchange Scholarship to Australia after high school. David graduated from the University of Cape Town with a bachelor’s degree in Social Science in International Relations and an MBA. David has an operations and general management background running a regional distribution center for RTT Logistics Group in South Africa before building an operations, customer care and logistics network for Dell's emerging markets business in EMEA. He has lived in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. David has a passion for building high performance platforms for rapidly expanding businesses and thrives on the challenges presented by high growth organizations. David is excited by the ground-breaking combination of physics, technology and logistics that Purfresh offers within the sustainable, global, food supply chain and the growth potential presented by the Purfresh product and brand. In his spare time, David enjoys swimming with the US Masters organization to keep fit and rates Mangoes, Lychees and Avocados among his favorite fruits.

Beatriz Tubino

Commercial Manager for Peru

Beatriz joined the Purfresh team in February 2022 as the Commercial Manager – Sales Peru. She has more than 20 years of work experience in the Peruvian Agroexport industry, and also at top exporters’ companies. Being part of  Purfresh aligns with her innovation, commercial and marketing strategy experience focused in successful new products and services launches; as well as market development. Purfresh offers a unique service; ozone for sea transportation. Ozone is a clean and sustainable solution for post harvest  and food safety. It’s a unique and differential value proposition. Beatriz is a Food Technology Engineer (Peru) . She has a Master Degree in Business Administration (Israel), and a Master in Commercial Management and Marketing (Spain). Beatriz loves to connect with people and she is a driven and goals oriented person. Beatriz was a former member of the Peruvian Basketball  Women’s Team. She enjoys combining fresh fruits and vegetables with quinoa and Peruvian flavors.

Oscar Aguilar

Commercial Manager for Mexico

Oscar started his career at a shipping line 9 years ago, then moved to the forwarder industry and specialized in perishables by sea. He has a degree in International Business by the Universidad de Guadalajara, and has practiced sports like archery, basket ball, rugby and mountain bike. Oscar enjoys being in touch with customers, to know them well and developing not only a business relationship but a friendship. Through these relationships and friendships he can fully understand their goals and make them his own. Oscar likes challenges and team work, believing that working together is always better to reach any goal. When abroad it is amazing to see an avocado, mango, orange, etc. from Mexico and know you contributed to make that happen.

Dante Sessarego

Sales & Operations Manager – South America

Dante Sessarego joined Purfresh in October 2019. He has worked in the Shipping industry for over 15 years in varying roles from Traffic Line Manager at CMA CGM Hamburg-Sud to sales as a business development executive for CSAV and DAMCO. Dante was born in Vina del Mar, Chile and graduated from the Maritime University as a Transport Engineer. Dante loves spending his free time with his family, running, hiking, volunteering help to the elderly. The aspects of Purfresh that caught his attention, was the opportunity to work for a company with a product that is both environmentally sustainable and provides an added value to fruit exporters. Dante speaks Spanish, English and wants to learn to speak Italian. In his spare time, Dante follows his favorite sports, basketball and soccer, and he is a lover of watercolor art. His favorite fruits are Oranges, apples and cherries.

Cerlia Qu

Lead Testing Engineer

Cerlia has worked with Purfresh since 2016, and is an engineering specialist for PCB and electrical component testing.  Cerlia was born in China and has lived and worked in both Beijing and the San Francisco Bay area. Cerlia graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Beijing Union University, where she studied electrical engineering. Cerlia has significant career experience in electronic troubleshooting, technical failure analysis, and data analysis. In her free time Cerlia enjoys visiting Lake Tahoe, enjoying nature, and mountain biking. Cerlia prefers to ride a bicycle to and from work at Purfresh rather than driving a car. The aspect of Purfresh that Cerlia likes the most is participating and collaborating in a strong teamwork environment. Cerlia is fluent in English and Chinese and her favorite fruits are persimmons and mangos.

Duy Vu

Engineering & Maintenance Supervisor

Duy has worked with Purfresh since 2017, and is a specialist for electronic maintenance at Purfresh, based in the San Francisco Bay area.  Duy was born in Vietnam and has lived and worked in both Vietnam and the USA. Duy graduated from the Tran Phu School in Vietnam. He has extensive work experience in repair, maintenance, and technical enhancement processes for PCB’s, computers, mobile phones, and several other electronic component devices. In his free time Duy enjoys biking and soccer. The aspects of Purfresh that Duy likes the most is that the Purfresh equipment has heavy duty design features that perform well to prevent damage from weather, water, and dust. Duy speaks English and Vietnamese and his favorite fruits are durian and avocado.

Guido Van Bouwel

Operations Manager - EMEA

Guido has worked with Purfresh since 2016, and is a specialist in reefer container M&R and operations. Guido was born and raised in Belgium and has extensive background in the business and cultural methods across Europe. Guido graduated from the Higher Technical Institute of Antwerp where he completed extensive studies in metal work. Guido has significant career experience in ocean carrier, ocean terminal, and reefer container yard operations. In his free time Guido enjoys gardening and studying computer software applications. The aspects of Purfresh that Guido likes the most are the patented ozone generation capabilities and the global data platform that Purfresh deploys. Guido is fluent in several languages including Dutch, English, French, and German and his favorite fruits are apples and bananas.

Yannick Weyn

Manager Purfresh East Africa

Yannick has worked with Purfresh since 2015 and is the director in Gateway Marine Services Ltd specialized in both cold-chain management and reefer logistics, operating throughout East Africa. He is a Belgian national raised in Kenya. Yannick’s background varies from mechanical engineering at Curtin University of Technology in WA, Australia to a certified commercial line pilot. Yannick’s experience extends throughout East Africa in depot operations, reefer repairs, pre and on-carriage for both export and import reefers. Free time activities range from skydiving to scuba diving. What Yannick likes about Purfresh is the versatility of a quality plug-and-play unit coupled to a platform readily accessible. Yannick is fluent in Dutch, English and speaks French and Kiswahili. He is also passionate about avocados.

Richard Hiscock

Manager Purfresh South Africa

Purfresh is a global provider of specialized controlled atmosphere systems, live data tracking and monitoring for cargo transported in refrigerated ocean containers, and international cold treatment assurance management. Purfresh technology and products reduce the risk of high value cargo loss, improves food safety, and helps ensure higher-quality arrivals for cargo shipped internationally in refrigerated ocean containers. Purfresh, and their global network of partner companies, assist their clients in the expansion of market opportunities and deliver safer, higher-quality cargo to their destination markets. Purfresh combines, controlled atmosphere, and active atmosphere with ozone technology to reduce decay, delay ripening, extend shelf life, and reduce food-borne pathogens.