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Purfresh Usage Growing Fast In Mexico

Purfresh atmosphere systems have been known and utilized for some time now in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, and the USA, but Mexico’s agricultural industry is now rapidly adopting the usage of Purfresh for one of the largest, and most diverse, fresh fruit and produce export markets in the world.

Mexico’s agricultural industry works in alignment with strategic national development priorities that support food security and safety along with reducing poverty. This has led to a growth in the total value of Mexican agricultural exports by almost 10 billion USD in the past 15 years. Additionally, Mexico’s strong development of international trade agreements and competitiveness has allowed Mexico to become one of the largest agricultural product sourcing countries for other world regions such as the European Union, Japan, and Canada, in addition to the historic trading with the US. Just some of the major agricultural products exported from Mexico to these regions include: Avocados, Mangos, Limes, Onions, and Bananas.

For longer trading distances to such destinations as the EU and Asia, more and more, Mexican fruit and produce exporters are using the Controlled Atmosphere and Ozone Atmosphere systems of Purfresh to enhance arrival quality, food safety, and shelf life, and reduce the problems of decay and over-maturity. Purfresh special atmosphere systems can be attached and integrated with refrigerated ocean containers when these same fruit and produce export products travel on long ocean voyages to their country of destination.

One Mexican company that utilizes Purfresh for their international exports is AVIARC, located in the Morelos region of Mexico, south of Mexico City. AVIARC is a growing export developer of several varieties of onions, and utilizes Purfresh to reduce problems with mold and sprouting during transport. Antonio Aviña from AVIARC, a strong supporter of Purfresh, has significantly enhanced the quality arrivals of their onions, at their overseas destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Colombia and Puerto Rico. AVIARC is just one of many fruit and produce export companies in Mexico that is now utilizing Purfresh Controlled Atmosphere and Ozone Atmosphere systems to grow their agricultural product export program.

Fresh food is essential for the health and nutrition of people globally. The supply chain for transporting and managing the freshness of food spans the world but can be very wasteful. It is estimated that more than 30% (or 1.2-2 billion tons) of all food produced on the planet is lost before reaching a human stomach. In a sustainable world this problem needs solutions. Purfresh is a proud partner with a growing number of agricultural export companies in Mexico that are utilizing specialized container transport atmospheres with optimal environments for transporting the freshest and safest food to the consumer. Different fruits and vegetables have unique needs and shelf life challenges, whether sensitivity to ethylene, susceptibility to mold, chilling injury, ripening control, and others. Purfresh's Controlled Atmosphere provides the flexibility to meet these various needs, resulting in minimal shrink, optimized quality, nutritional value, and shelf life.


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