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Onion Worldwide production. What’s happening?

The coronavirus crisis is a challenge for every industry Worldwide. The production of food experienced difficulties because of the border closures to prevent the spread of the virus. 


For example, India, one of the largest producers of onion, banned exports of its onions. With the ban of Indian onions came an immediate higher demand for Dutch, Spanish, Egyptian, Turkish, and Chinese onions in Asia and the Middle East.


The Netherlands tends to have an overproduction of red onions yearly, so the Indian ban helped reduce it.


Prolongando la vida de las cosechas usando atmósferas controladas.

Comprar frutas y verduras que vienen de todas partes del mundo en la comodidad de nuestro supermercado local es una proeza de la tecnología en logística.


Al tomar una fruta que viajó cientos de miles de kilómetros, no pensamos en la complejidad que implica llevarla hasta el consumidor final en el mejor estado posible.


Las frutas y verduras son ingredientes perecederos, esto quiere decir que conforme pasa el tiempo y se exponen al oxígeno, se empiezan a degradar y a perder nutrientes.


Mangoes global production 2020

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the Worldwide exports of mango experienced a 23% year-on-year increase.

According to Countries Now, the main countries that produce mango are:

  1. India.
  2. China.
  3. Thailand.
  4. Indonesia.
  5. Pakistan.
  6. Mexico.
  7. Brazil.
  8. Bangladesh.
  9. Nigeria.
  10. Phillippines.

The forecasts say that Asia, the largest mango producing region, will control 71% of the world's market by 2029.

Will ozone become a viable alternative for CIPC? - featured at FreshPlaza

Sprout inhibitor CIPC has been officially banned in the Netherlands and Belgium with France and the rest of the European Union expected to follow soon. The impact on the potato industry is anticipated to be significant as without applying CIPC during storage, the shelf-life of potatoes will be drastically reduced. Potatoes are harvested in the fall, but if stored under the right conditions, their shelf-life well lasts into the summer of the following year.

Blueberries - South America's new season

Blueberries grow in hot weather, thankfully, we can enjoy them year-round because summer happens twice on the earth. In North-America, the blueberry season runs from April to September, whereas in South-America runs from October to March.


In this article, we'll discuss the principal blueberry producers in South-America and what they can expect this year as they face the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.


There are four major producers in South America (lbs per year):

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