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The Latest In Reefer Container Communications

In 2016 Purfresh has shaken up the global container shipping industry through it’s first to market, third party web interface,, that allows two-way communication with refrigerated container data controllers.


While a select few ocean carriers do have private, in house, limited remote connection with their refrigerated container controllers, none of them allow shippers, importers, or BCO’s the ability to monitor all reefer container sensors, and make remote temperature set-point changes when necessary, as the Purfresh system allows. operates with duel communication modems, (GSM, and Satellite), which allow for complete coverage and communication if the container is at the port, at sea, or in remote rural land areas where GSM coverage is not present. No other reefer container data or communications provider has this complete coverage capability in combination with a direct connection to the reefer controller.


Current customers of Purfresh can monitor:

  1. Container power on/off
  2. Container supply air, return air, ambient air, and humidity sensors
  3. Up to 4 separate, internal cargo temp. probe sensors (USDA Cold/Treatment)
  4. Allows for remote change of the reefer container temp. set point on demand.


During the most recent California table grape export season to Australia, Purfresh was able to save several container loads of table grapes from both damaging cargo freezing issues and destination country department of agriculture failed phytosanitary protocol entry approvals.


Purfresh offers several types of monitoring services and controlled atmosphere services for its customers on a weekly basis, around the globe. Please contact Purfresh for further information at or +1-650-319-1160.