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coronavirus pandemic

How 3 American Technology Companies are Adapting to Help During the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest crisis inciters in recent humankind history.
While it is true that medical technology has advanced enough to come up with solutions in
real-time around the world, the truth is that 2020 has ended for us all as it will take at least 18
months to find a viable vaccine.

To date, there are over two million confirmed cases worldwide and a little over 140,000 deaths,
a number which modifies by the hour. Needless to say, that the pandemic will bring a deep
economic crisis.

In this challenging environment, we've seen the best and worst of humanity unfold in the past
weeks. But these times call for positive statements so, in this article, we will talk about three
American technology oriented companies that are sharing their expertise with the world to fight

1) Alphabet (Google)

A major challenge that comes with the pandemic is to know if you've been exposed to the virus
to take proper action. Tech company, Alphabet, has partnered with Apple to turn smartphones
into notification devices to tell people if they have been exposed.
Fake news is a secondary epidemic, the parent company of Google, is also making alliances
to moderate content on the internet and boosting trustworthy sources of information.
A concrete effort made by Google was to stop all ads related to coronavirus as they couldn't
guarantee proper moderation. As the crisis moves forward, they have gradually allowed these

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2) Tesla

Another challenge for humankind is the lack of mechanical ventilators available at hospitals


Mechanical ventilators help people breathe when they can't do it on their own, which is
something that happens when COVID 19 complicates. The world just wasn't ready to intubate
hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously.

This lack of medical equipment is considerable everywhere, from the richest to the poorest
countries. Is because of this that Tesla, the electric energy company specialized in high-end
electric cars tasked its engineers with designing and building ventilators out of car parts.
This massive effort to repurpose car parts seeks to alleviate the ventilator shortage in The
United States. So far, Tesla has shipped over 1,000 ventilators to around 50 hospitals in the
United States and abroad. This has prompted investors to pick Tesla over other motor
companies such as GM or Toyota as they trust they will emerge stronger from this crisis.
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3) Purfresh

The third company we're going to talk about is Purfresh and its new division Purfresh Decon.
Purfresh is a company that has the technology to sanitize food using ozone. Ozone sanitation
is FDA and USDA approved to prevent decay and propagation of bacteria and viruses in fresh
produce without using chemicals.

With new investments to acquire more equipment, Purfresh seeks to ensure the safety of food
transported into The United States. The World Health Organization recommends a healthy diet
to boost the immune system, and this diet consists of fruits and vegetables as part of a wellbalanced

This is why Purfresh technology plays such an important role in fresh produce distribution in
The United States. The technology is used in international shipping containers to reduce decay
and pathogen proliferation.

Purfesh Decon: More importantly through their new Purfresh Decon division, the company
adapted their Ozone technology to support the healthcare and other essential industries during
this Covid-19 crisis by offering sanitization solutions for the disinfection and decontamination of
offices, medical facilities and equipment.

This is reached via Purfresh Decon 3 ozone products:

1. Purfresh SPACE, a decontamination service for company office, doctors office, home, or
closed spaces up to 15,000 sqft.


2. Purfresh CUBE, a small enclosed box that you can use at a medical facility or doctor’s
office to decontaminate small batches of small items, masks, gloves, goggles, or other
small PPE equipment.

3. Purfresh TITAN, a large 20 or 40 foot size ocean container that we deliver to your
medical facility or office, and you can place large and small items in large quantities into
the container for a 3-12 hour decontamination process.

It is time for humankind to unite and to get the best from this unexpected and difficult sanitary
emergency, that we follow the lead of these companies and try to help those at our reach as
much as we can.

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