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Controlled Atmosphere
Controlled Atmosphere Offerings in the Container Shipping Industry
The consistent and common thread for most controlled atmosphere technologies is that they all manage some form of increased CO2 (carbon dioxide) and decreased O2 (oxygen), from the normal levels of breathable air, that we see at sea level, 21% oxygen and 0.04% carbon dioxide. The process of increasing CO2 and decreasing O2 as a controlled atmosphere process, when fruits and produce are transported in ocean containers, can result in shelf life extension benefits for several different perishable cargo types.
The Latest In Reefer Container Communications
In 2016 Purfresh has shaken up the global container shipping industry through it’s first to market, third party web interface,, that allows two-way communication with refrigerated container data controllers. While a select few ocean carriers do have private, in house, limited remote connection with their refrigerated container controllers, none of them allow shippers, importers, or BCO’s the ability to monitor all reefer container sensors, and make remote temperature set-point changes when necessary, as the Purfresh system allows.